About OWOW

For years, The West symbolized the wild, unknown, mysterious, and free. People moved out west to escape the monotony of life where they began. Some wanted to start over completely, while others wanted to explore new, uncharted territory.

Our Way Out West embodies that spirit.

I cultivate experiences and share stories in the hopes of inspiring you to do the same. Sometimes I take pictures. Sometimes I travel. Sometimes I write. But most of the time I sit on my couch drinking beer and snuggling my dog.

When I do write I use curse words and slang terms. I may not always use proper grammar and I may make up a word here and there. I try to tell stories how I would to my friends, not my professors or your grandma. Hopefully you will get something out of the shit I say. Whether it’s meaningful tokens of wisdom or, more likely, muffled chuckles in your office or on your recliner, I hope you leave this site happy to have read my public diary, cause that’s what this is: A journal left open on a dresser. A love note confiscated by the teacher. A secret to share.

I’m going Out West, and I want to take you with me