Priority vs. Ability

I have been pondering priorities a lot lately. And after a conversation with a good friend over coffee, I have finally made it a priority to sit down and write this piece. Just as a heads up, it may read more like a rambling stream of consciousness rather than a cohesive story, so if that’s […]

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Photo Journal: The Pass

We heard rumors of the pass being closed every day along our trek – a massive, spring storm had dumped on Thorung La Pass along the Annapurna Circuit. As we neared the crux of our journey through the Nepali Himalayas, we saw hordes of trekkers swell and then taper until we were only two days […]

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25 Things I Learned While 25

Well ladies and gents, the day has come and yahboi has survived another year replacing my blood stream with Coors Banquets and crushing at least 143 series on Netflix. It is time for another list of the most important things I learned. The year I had was one like no other in my life. From […]

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The Eagle’s Nest

A landmark was toppled today. It wasn’t one that many people knew of, but it was one that grew close to my heart over the years. Today they bulldozed the cabin and surrounding trees down the road from my home. The silos still stand – not sure for how much longer, but they are there […]

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The Itch

You know that itch that’s been bugging you at your desk job for the last year? The one that makes your brow furrow and your back stiffen as it whizzes around your skin? I urge you to scratch that itch. For me, it happens every winter. November is shitty, but October was beautiful and at […]

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The 3 Types of Fun – An Analysis

Fun /fən/ noun enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure           synonyms: enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, pleasure Google defines the word “fun” as enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. Antonyms of the word include misery, gloom, woe, and drudgery. I’m here to tell you that depending on what type of fun you’re having, these can be one and the same. […]

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24 Things I Learned While 24

More than two years after graduating college, I have found that even though I may not be in school anymore, I will never stop learning. Life continues to teach me lessons every single day. Whether they’re philosophies that help me cope with the wandering nature of being in my twenties, or simple truths that I’ve […]

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Do Shit That Scares You

This is not a request. This is an order. When was the last time you were so scared you almost cried? Or maybe you did cry? Maybe you even threw up because you were so nervous and your body couldn’t think of anything else to do except toss a chunder. That was me this last […]

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