A Hate Letter to November

Dearest November, I hate you. Let me start with the fact that you try to act like you’re part of my favorite season, fall, when you really aren’t. I mean, technically, sure; but all the leaves are basically gone from the trees and the color brown steals the show for thirty days. You paint the […]

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24 Things I Learned While 24

More than two years after graduating college, I have found that even though I may not be in school anymore, I will never stop learning. Life continues to teach me lessons every single day. Whether they’re philosophies that help me cope with the wandering nature of being in my twenties, or simple truths that I’ve […]

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Do Shit That Scares You

This is not a request. This is an order. When was the last time you were so scared you almost cried? Or maybe you did cry? Maybe you even threw up because you were so nervous and your body couldn’t think of anything else to do except toss a chunder. That was me this last […]

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